Chamber of Commerce Hawaii – The Business of Social Media Boot Camp

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
8:00 am – 12:00 pm
7:30 am Registration/Continental Breakfast
Hilton Hawaiian Village – Coral Ballrooms

“Social media has far surpassed the fad stage. It’s here to stay, and whether you embrace it or fend it off, you and your customers will be impacted.”   Forbes Magazine

Has your company not yet made the leap into Social Media?
“There is a world of conversation and engagement that’s happening right now – with or without you. The good news?
The ability to jump in and engage is available at your fingertips.  If you haven’t yet, it’s time to jump in!”
Social media is integrated into the way we do business, how we connect and engage with our customers, and how we support the increase of product sales and awareness.
This is a “new era of social business” and it’s not about IF you are going to jump in, but WHEN and HOW WELL you do it.
From client support to marketing to R&D and even keeping tabs on the competition,  Social Media is an essential part of your businesses marketing efforts, and no longer a choice.
Your customers have embraced social media as a normal part of their lives and so should your business.
Have you already jumped in and are looking to utilize each platform more effectively to meet your marketing goals?
Many small business owners or company marketers who have taken the leap now ask themselves, “How can I really benefit from social media?”
By understanding the platforms of Social Media and knowing how to utilize what each offers to help your company reach, connect and have access to customers,
can provide meaningful support for business growth and branding. Social media is not about reaching a mass audience and blasting your message out,
having a strategy is key and setting objectives and goals is essential to being successful.

Learn  From The Experts at This Half Day Hands -On Boot Camp!

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