What the heck is social media marketing? (Redwood Times by Sean Connors)

Great points about how online marketing is changing and it is not just about having a website.

    What the heck is social media marketing? – Redwood Times

By Sean Connors

Looking for a way to better expose your product offerings and services in this challenging economy? Use the power of social media marketing – for free!

If you have a business, then you should already know by now that you should at least have a small website for you business. Face it – some demographics don’t even know what a “phone book” is anymore, and others find it easier to Google your business than to thumb though a printed book. If all you have is a website for your business, however, you have not yet fully entered the 21st century. To do that, you need to understand how your business website is or could be networked with folks using the Internet.

Traditionally, promoting your site on the web would be just a matter of understanding how site design interfaces with organic/natural listings in the top search engines (with enough quality links back to your site to trump your competitors), and then maybe running some Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on services such as Google AdWords, etc. That is, most of what you could do was to tweak your site copy and other aspects of site content such as meta title, description and keyword tags to compete with your competitors for “natural” listings and possibly pay for position via PPC advertising.

That may have suited your needs for online marketing in the past, but times have changed folks! There is now a new wave of marking that is much easier and more powerful than the old school optimization for search engines. It’s called social media marketing.

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