Congratulations to Melissa on Winning the PRSA Hawaii President’s Leadership Award!

PRSA Hawaii President’s Leadership Award

In honor of PRSA Hawaii’s 60th Anniversary celebration, the President’s Leadership Award was established to recognize an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the success of the chapter and the profession.

This award is bestowed annually at the discretion of the PRSA Hawaii president in counsel with the chapter’s Board of Directors.

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Melissa Featured on Oceanic Road Runner Email Circulation

When Oceanic wanted to have some social media people test their new Road Runner Mobile service and post their findings, who else did they turn to but our very own “SMore”, Melissa Chang (@melissa808).  In typical SMore fashion, Melissa went around town doing her own thing but also visiting clients and taking “andhere” pics at their locations where Road Runner Mobile worked.

In Oceanic’s latest email to their subscribers they used one of her “” pics (seen above) in which they talked about what you can expect to find at the AndHere microsite. Go to to see where Road Runner Mobile works and for more pics from and of Melissa as well!

Twitter adding 300,000 new users per day

Microblogging service Twitter announced that it now boasts close to 106 million registered users–up more than 1,500 percent over a year ago–and continues to add 300,000 new users each day. Speaking at the company’s first Chirp developer conference in San Francisco, Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone added that Twitter now fields 55 million tweets and 600 million search queries per day. Despite the popularity of the service, Williams said the firm is still seeking ways to make Twitter more mainstream, adding that when consumers begin to type “I don’t get…” into Google search, “I don’t get Twitter” is the second suggestion, followed only by “I don’t get drunk I get awesome.”

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The 10 Social Media Metrics Your Company Should Monitor (By Raj Dash)

The 10 Social Media Metrics Your Company Should Monitor

While companies are starting to adopt Social Media for online marketing campaigns, and even letting employees participate, the question of ROI (Return on Investment) arises, along with doubts about what metrics to measure. How do you know how effective your social media campaigns are if you’re not measuring any metrics, let alone an overall ROI? Below, we discuss ten important Social Metrics for companies.

According to 2009 Mzinga & Babson Executive Education study, over 80% of professionals do not measure ROI for their company’s social media programs. Granted, Social Metrics and their measurement techniques are relatively new, and this might account for the lag in tracking. However, there are some organizations measuring social metrics, which enables them to eventually measure ROI. Marketing Sherpa’s survey of 2,000+ marketers shows the following three social metrics at the top of what’s being measured:

1. Visitors and sources of traffic
2. Network size (followers, fans, members)
3. Quantity of commentary about brand or product

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Mobile Plus Social Equals Opportunity (eMarketer)

Mobile Plus Social Equals Opportunity (eMarketer)

Social networking is one of the fastest-growing activities among mobile users around the world. And as one of the primary ways mobile users communicate with one another, it is proving a significant driver of Internet usage on mobile devices.

eMarketer predicts the number of mobile users accessing social networks from their mobile devices will reach 607.5 million worldwide by 2013, representing 43% of global mobile Internet users. In the US, mobile social networkers will total 56.2 million by 2013, accounting for 45% of the mobile Internet user population.

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